Phool Clothing Bargain Rail

Phool have chosen us The Georgian Window
as a factory outlet type store to sell off last years Phool brand clothes at absolute bargain prices.

We now have £10 and £15 rails of vibrant individually styled clothing.
Come pick up a bargain floral dress, quilted jacket or a top maybe a gypsy skirt.
" The bargain store is open come inside
You can easily afford the price
Love is all you need to purchase all the merchandise
And I will guarantee you’ll be completely satisfied "
Dolly Parton

My life is like unto a bargain store
And I may have just what you’re lookin’ for
If you don’t mind the fact that all the merchandise is used
With a little mendin’ it could be as good as new

The bargain store is open, come inside
The bargain store is open, come inside
The Georgian Window is full of gorgous vibrant clothes
The Bargain Store Dolly Parton
My coat of many Colours Thanks Dolly Parton